Cambremer Summer Breeze at Carriegame

Black carries yellow
Hips 3:3
Optigen DNA tested clear of PRA
Tested DNA clear of EIC
Tested DNA clear of CMN
Clear eye test

Parents Grandparents GtGrandparents GtGtGrandparents
ShCh Cambremer Craftsman
Hips 7
Elbows 0
Rocheby Old Smokey Rocheby Navy Blue Rocheby Sailing By
Cambremer Royal Velvet at Rocheby
shCh Rocheby Polkadot Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby
shCh Rocheby Acorn
ShCh Cambremer Call My Bluff ShCh Newinn Dwight Yoakham ShCh Simandem Kings Neptune
Newinn Fire Imp
Cambremer Jazzmine Charway Uncle Tom
Shch Cambremer All That Jazz
Cambremer I've Got Rhythm ShCh Tullochmohr Final Edition ShCh Carpenny Walpole Hawksmoor Webster
ShCh Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny
Briensco Emerald at Tullochmohr ShCh Poolstead Pumpkin
Briensco Bijou
Cambremer Two to Tango Rocheby Old Smokey Rocheby Navy Blue
Shch Rocheby Polkadot
ShCh Cambremer In The Mood Lindall Morse
ShCh Cambremer All That Jazz

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