Show citiques published in the dog press
(Dog World and/or Our Dogs)

WELKS Championship Show
April 2014
1st Veteran Dog
Judge Marleen Hepper


VHC Good Citizen Dog
Judge A Ellis

1ST Veteran Dog
8 years black dog, well made and in good coat, good angulation front and rear, lovely head and expression, showed and moved well
Judge Lynda Miles

1ST Open
Balanced dog. Of good bone, and feet. Head a little heavier than I would like. Good length of neck, shoulders and rear quarters ok. Good tail set. Moved OK.
Judge Nigel Worth

1ST Open
Strong masculine black dog, keen to please expression, good pigment, good bone throughout and lovely tail
Bonnie Wiles (Richbourne)

Labrador Club of Wales Championship Show
7 February 2010
1st B Dog
Nice well made black, good angulation and tail. Attentive to owner
Judge Sue Maskell

Lichfield Open Show
1st Open Labrador
Black dog, nice masculine head, good depth of chest and spring of rib, level topline, nice tight feet. Balanced on the move.
Judge Penny Teasdale

Heywood & Radcliffe 16 January 2010
1st Open Labrador
Quality black dog with a beautiful head, soft expression, super front, good bone going down to correct round feet, strong neck, level topline strong quarters with good bend of stifle, correct coat and otter tail, moved with real drive, easily my Best of Breed and please to give him Gundog Group 4
Judge Mrs Roslyn Ellwood

Whitchurch Open Show
3 January 2010
1st Open Labrador
Strong masculine black dog, keen to please expression, good pigment, good bone throughout and lovely tail
Judge Bonnie Wiles (Richbourne)

Southport & Birkdale Premier Show
28 November 2010
1st Open Dog Labrador
Very smart black dog, nicest of heads, good eye colour, excellent over the neck and shoulders, good spring of rib and turn of stifle, strong quarters, moved well, very nice. Res Best of Breed

Wrexham Open Show
21 November 2010
1st Open Dog
Substantial Black dog, strong Masculine head, good forechest, well muscled quarters, all stood on good tight feet, moved soundly with drive, giving him the edge over the rest to take both this class and ulitimately Best of Breed

United Retriever Championship show
12 August 2009
1st Mid Limit
Lovely head and expression, good neck and front angulation, good bone, body and topline, drives from the rear, good ribs and tail set and presented in good coat and condition.
Judge Mr F Whyte

National Gundog Ass. Championship show
1 August 2009
1st limit Dog
Nice black dog of good make and shape, has matured nicely, lovely head and bidable expression, well angulated throughout, short through couplings, deep brisket, excellent spring of rib, sensible dog who stands foursquare and shows himself off to advantage, carrying the right amount of weight, good turn of stifle, fit condition and in decent coat, moved well.
Judge Joan Woodall

Newport & District Agricultural Show
18 July 2009
1st Open Labrador
His daughter got best of breed
Judge Gareth Lawler (Roqfolly)

Tongue & District Open show
12 July 2009
1st Limit Dog
Black dog on top form in good coat and condition, cleanly built with good length and reach of neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Well sprung ribs, good turn of stifle, powerful well muscled hind quarters which enable him to move with drive and impulsion from behind. On the move was sound and well balanced, presented wel and was at one with his handler. Best of Breed
Judge Mrs M Greenwood (Harrop)

Owestry & District Open show
15 March 2009
1st Open Dog
Best of Breed
Judge Rebecca Hodge (Naiken)

Southport & Birkdale Premier Show
29 November 2008
1st Limit Dog
A nice balanced dog in lovely condition. Kind head, and expression, good bone and neat feet. Tail straight off back and moved well.
Judge Wendy Minshull (Sidelock)

Merseyside Gundog Open Show
16 November 2008 1st Post Graduate
Black dog with a lovely masculine head with kind eye and good ear set. Powerful neck, leading to well angulated forehand. Level topline and strong quarters giving a good driving movement.
Judge Miss CS Moore (Gadhelia)

Northwest Labrador Club Championship Show
12 October 2008
1st Post Graduate Dog
Very masculine black, nice head and expression, excellent neck and strong topline, well made body and hindquarters, good coat and bone, moved well.
Judge Mrs Eva Mjelde (Surprising's - Norway)

Northwich & District Open show
10 February 2008
Strong dog, well proportiond head, good shoulder,deep barrelled chest and level topline, thick otter tail, a balanced dog who moved with purpose.
Judge Ed Wisniewski

Northwest Labrador Club
Feb 2005
This lovely puppy really appealed to me, very raw at the moment and a bit "up at the rear" but a lovely shape overall, he has a beautiful head and expression, good layback of shoulder and clean neck, liked his construction and length of rib, showed steadily for his handler and moved soundly. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
Judge Mari Brown (Ramsayville)

Darwen Canine Society
18 December 2004
1st labrador puppy
Lovely black boy, compact length of neck, good shoulder placement onto good shoulder angulation, feet round, correct tail set, let down hock.
Judge Dianne Waters

Show Results

Type place class Date Show Judge
Open 1st
oPEN 16/1/10 Heywood & Radcliffe Mrs R Elwood
Open 1st Open 3/1/10 Whitchurch Bonnie Wiles
Open 1st
Open 21/11/09 Wrexham Jenny
Champ 3rd Limit 12/12/09 LKA
Open 1st open 29/11/09 Gundog of
North Wales
Mairi Brown
Open 1st Open
28/11/09 Southport & Birkdale Mrs Helen Gilroy
Champ 3rd Mid limit 14/10/09 gundog of Wales Jayne Rawlinson
Champ 3rd Mid Limit 11/10/09 Northwest Lab club mrs Heather Wiles-Fone
champ Res Mid Limit 30/9/09 Yellow Lab Club Gary Johnson
open 2nd Open 15/8/09 Ashbourne Shire
Horse Soc.
Mr Mark Boswell
Champ 1st Mid Limit 12/8/09 United Retriever Mr F Whyte
Champ 1st Limit 1/8/09 National gundog Ass. Mrs J Woodall
Champ Res Limit 27/7/09 Leeds Champ Mrs L Kent
Open 1st Open 18/7/09 Newport Agric. Gareth Lawler
Open 1st
Limit 12/7/09 Tongue & Dis CS Mrs M Greenwood
Premier 2nd Limit 28/6/09 Derbyshire County Leslie Tasker
Champ 3rd Limit 27/6/09 Blackpool Champ Mrs CE Cartledge
Open 3rd Open 23/6/09 cheshire County Mrs P Mott
Open 3rd Post Grad D 7/6/09 Northwest Lab Club Dr M Wood
Open 2nd Open 30/5/09 Ruthin Mrs M Greenwood
Open 1st
open 15/3/09 Owestry & Dis. KA Rebecca Hodge
Open 2nd Open 1/3/09 Coventry Dis
Gundog Soc.
Mairi Brown
Open 2nd Open 3/1/09 Lichfield CS Mrs Gwinnett Taylor
Premier 1st Limit Dog 29/11/08 Southport & Birkdale Mrs Wendy Minshull
Open 1st Post Grad 16/11/08 Merseyside Gundog Ass. Miss CS Moore
champ 1st Post Graduate D 12/10/08 Northwest
Labrador Club
Mrs Eva Mjelde
Open 2nd Open 19/7/08 Newport Agric. soc. Mr Prosser
champ VHC Graduate Dog 9/12/08 3 Counties Agric Soc Pat Harrison
Champ Res Grad Dog 7/6/08 The Lab Club Mrs J Palmer
Open 3rd open 28/5/08 Stafford & Birm.
Agricultural Show
Mr Kempson
Open 1st &
Best of Breed
Open 10/2/08 Northwich & Dis CS Ed Wisniewski
Open 3rd grad 27/1/08 3 Ridings Lab Club Liz Hallgarth
Open Res Under Grad 13/1/08 Mid Counties Lab Club Mrs B Heron
Open 3rd Open 24/11/07 Sedgley & Gornal CA Lesley Swigciski
Champ Res Junior Dog 19/8/05 Welsh Kennel club Janice Prtichard
Champ VHC Puppy Dog 11/6/05 The Labrador Club Peter Woolf
Open 1st Under Grad 2/6/05 North West Lab club Mr Mills
Limit 1st
Puppy Dog Feb 05 North West Lab Club Mairi Brown
Open 3rd puppy Dog 9/1/05 Mid Counties Lab Club Mrs Am Pollock
Open 1st Puppy 18/12/04 Darwen Canine Soc Dianne Waters
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